Chisato Abe『Yatagarasu: The Legendary Birds』

Introduction to the Yatagarasu series

A fantasy series inspired by Japanese mythology, with a huge hit in Japan and beyond

This series is a story of the legendary bird in Japanese mythology, Yatagarasu.

In this world of Yatagarasu, which is like ancient Asian world, they had been cultivated their own culture living with a human appearance for a long time, however, urgent issues are occurring; the succession of loyal family, the power struggles of noble families and the war with invaders from the other world. The keys to tackling the problems are loyalty and friendship.

In each volume, stories unfold according to different perspectives, and the continuing mysteries are resolved in unexpected ways at the conclusion of each book.

As the series go on, through the mysterious adventures, the young prince and his friends successfully overcome many difficulties during their adolescence and the whole world of mythology gradually show its secret meanings in the magnificent scale, including its connection to temporary world.


The Author


Chisato Abe

Chisato Abe was born in Japan in 1991.

In her primary school days, deeply impressed with “Harry Potter,” she determined to be a writer and started to write novels by herself.

At the age of 20, while studying at Waseda University in Tokyo, she won the Matsumoto-Seicho Prize, one of the most prestigious prizes in literature for novels in Japan.

Her masterpiece, and also the first novels are Japanese Fantasy, “Yatagarasu series,” which have been a huge hit in Japan, with sales approaching 1.5 million copies.

They are translated into foreign languages and adapted into manga as well. She is now one of the most popular authors like J.K. Rowling in Japan.


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Yatagarasu Series

  • 巻一 Extraordinary Princess

    The Chronicle of Yatagarasu Vol.1

    Four beautiful princesses from four great noble families gather at the palace to select a queen for the crown prince.

    They compete fiercely for their family’s prestige and power. The Prince, however, does not reveal himself to them.

    Meanwhile, they experience a number of mysterious incidents; a missing maid, an intruder in the palace, anonymous letters… Who will be chosen to be queen?

  • 巻二 Prince Without a Servant

    The Chronicle of Yatagarasu Vol.2

    Yukiya, a “simple” boy from one of the four great noble families, is chosen to serve the crown prince, Wakamiya.

    The prince, however, is regarded as an idiot and is surrounded by many powerful enemies since he had taken over as heir to the throne from his elder brother, who still has a lot of supporters.

    The imperial court is full of conspirators and assassins.

    How can Wakamiya and Yukiya overcome these adversaries?

    * Vol.1 and Vol.2 take place simultaneously; you can start reading from either of them.

  • 巻三 The Golden Raven

    The Chronicle of Yatagarasu Vol.3

    A dangerous drug has undermined the world of Yatagarasu.

    The destined crown prince, Wakamiya, and the son of a noble family Yukiya embark on a journey to investigate the caurse of it.

    What they encounter in the northern countryside were enormous apes, that have eaten all the villagers, except for one girl.

    What will Wakamiya and Yukiya discover from this dreadful affair?

  • 巻四 The Empty Coffin

    The Chronicle of Yatagarasu Vol.4

    Talented adolescents are sent to the boarding school from all over the country.

    In addition to Yukiya, the son of military family, students are from the nobility, commoners, and slaves.

    Their mission is to be selected as distinguished warriors to protect the royal family, after three years of highly competitive learning and training.

    Meanwhile, outside the school, Wakamiya, the destined crown prince, finds out the empty coffin is a key to solve his fate, and his necessity of faithful warriors is increasing.

    How does Yukiya overcome the diversity of his fellow students and survive his tough school days?

  • 巻五 The Girl For God

    The Chronicle of Yatagarasu Vol.5

    Shiho is a high school girl, living with her grandmother in contemporary Japan.

    Suddenly, she is chosen to be a ritual sacrifice in the closed village. At the sacred altar on the top of the mountain, she was declared to be the mother of the savage god.

    In her struggle to return to the real world, a mysterious lady Tamayorihime appears. The story of Tamayorihime gradually uncovers the truth of the Yatagarasu world.

  • 巻六 The Prosperous Ravens

    The Chronicle of Yatagarasu Vol.6

    In the world of Yatagarasu, a huge earthquake has opened the forbidden gate, showing the path to the sacred altar.

    From the gate, the enormous apes appear and bring Wakamiya, the destined crown prince of Yatagarasu, to the magnificent and violent god.

    This god repeatedly creates catastrophic situations for Yatagarasu. To tackle these devastating crises, Yukiya, the commander-in-chief, executes a battle plan…!




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translated by Mai Araki